GTC: the worldwide specialist

Geurts Trading Company is specialised in developing production installations. We offer solutions for every problem, with standard machines or installations specifically developed for the situation. For compound feed installations, coolers or other machinery that optimise the production processes of agricultural (semi) finished goods. We do this partly with used machines that we overhaul in-house.


Forty years of experience

With our extensive knowledge and forty years of experience we take care of the entire process; from engineering to installation. But we also go a step further. Our services also include process improvements, usage and maintenance advice and supplying the required materials and tools. GTC offers the specialisation and quality of new installations for the price of overhauled ones. The best of both worlds. And worldwide.

Favorably priced

Due to the relatively simple concept

Very reliable

Solid use of materials and high-quality finish

Maintenance friendly

Easy cleaning due to optimal accessibility


Specialised in manufacturing tailormade counterflow coolers where standard versions won't fit. Standard counterflow coolers in different capacities. If necessary with an intermediate shelf for quick change of product. Because of the relatively simple concept good pricing, very reliable and easy to maintain.

Counterflow coolers

We offer solutions for every matter.

Geurts Trading Company is specialized in the development of production installations.